QuickSet 22 LB Plow Anchor – Mirror and Commercial Finish

The Kingston Anchors QuickSet 22 Lb (10 Kg) Plow anchor is handcrafted with Marine Grade U.S.A. Stainless Steel. For boats between 25 to 40 Feet (11.3 to 18.14 Meter). The best universal anchor, suitable for all conditions as lateral fins trip for a faster setting while stabilizing the anchor to prevent a premature breakout.

Our QS-22 MIRROR FINISH Anchor is mechanically and hand buffed removing surface impurities. This ensures that it won’t rust and makes it easy to clean as mud and clay won’t stick.

Our QS-22 COMMERCIAL FINISH is made using 100% Stainless Steel that won’t rust. This finish is sanded without the added cost of buffing and polishing.

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Mirror, Commercial